The history of ice making

Author:ice maker


1,The history of ice maker machine

A,The ice maker machine was on trial,research and development,

popularize in the 50’s overseas.

The main countries are Japan,Germany and America.

2,In the early stage of ice maker machine,most of them ware concerned

 on Scientific Research Institute,war industry.

In the later stage of ice maker machine,they entered the business

 field,industrial category.


The scale experienced a developing process from small to big.

The capacity from dozens of kilograms to hundreds of kilograms

 to thousands of tons.The professional ice making factories were

 appeared in 70’s,the sale of ice began to industrialization.

The application of ice maker machines.

1),Commercial buildings,civil architecture.

For example,offices,shops,cinemas,schools,universities,hotels,

hospitals,museums,airports,manufacturing shops and so on.

2),Large district central cooling.

For example,centralized cold station.the cold region fragmented

 industry and the cooling time fragmented industry.

3)Industrial refrigeration,food processing.Especially the areas of

 cooling process,a short time refrigeration,cold load fluctuation.

For example,small wineries,milk shops,milk farms,cheese shops,

drink shops,food processing plants,low temperature rooms,food

 rapid cooling,chemical plants,pharmaceutical factories.


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